Shaun Tomson - 80's gun / Hobie - 80's gun

Shaun Tomson recently got together with Bill Barnsfeild to re-create his iconic 80's pipeline gun for a 'Back to the 80's' charity auction.

Seeing those flouro clouds it prompted me to pull out my US made 80's gun to share.

When I first saw this in the corner of Surfy Surfy in Lucadia CA I just stood there and laughed.
Ridiculous length, the crazy colours the giant logos.

I picked it up and I realised I just had to have it. 
Holding a big wave board under your arm can give you chills as you picture what it made for.
The Hobie / Terry Martin craftsmanship is exquisite with lovely details like the adjustable rear fin.

What I didn't think about at the time was getting on an aeroplane, buts thats a different story.......

Shaun Tomson - Canyon thruster.

Daniel from the US East Coast has shared pics of his board that he hashad for close to 30 years.
 An autographed Canyon (Shaun Tomson model) board shaped by Rusty Preisendorfer. 
The board is from '82/'83 according to Shaun. He also mentioned he's never seen another black board like it!

When Dan first bought it as a kid in New Jersey, it was very cheap because nobody wanted a black board  because the wax melts right off at the beach in the sun. 

'The Boardroom Show' - Vintage surfboard swap.

If your in California on the 14th and 15th of May this year be sure to get down to Del Mar  for "The Boardroom Show" and Randy Rarick's Vintage Surfboard Swap.

Wave Crest Hawaii #5

Qantas still lets you bring one suitcase and one board bag for free.
So the night before I get on the plane I look at Google maps to find out the names of the cities I've got to drive through from the airport to my destination.
Then I put those cities into Craigslist and those zip codes into eBay and sort by auctions ending within 24 hours before my arrival.
If I'm lucky, a little gem like this will pop up.

A 6'1" early 70's Wave Crest Hawaii stinger.
I arranged to meet the guy at Starbucks and BOOM I've got myself a rider for my week in Cali.

The board looked strangely familiar to me, and not because I'd just found or sold 3 other Wave Crest Hawaii stingers in the past couple of months. 
Then my new friend who owned the board reminded me that Tim Orr from Kona had shared pics of it on this blog a few years before prior to its restoration.

Small world-  from Hawaii, to Cali, to OZ.

I'd never ridden a stinger before and I could never really get my head around the concept. 
The design looked like it would be really stiff, but I knew this couldn't be the case cause I'd seen Buttons Kaluhiokalani (RIP) doing 360's on them in Many Classic Moments.

The board paddles great, lots of volume up under the chest. It catches waves easy too, as you'd expect. But as you get to your feet and get to the bottom, everything changes. You go from riding the flat area at the front of the board then suddenly the tail bites and its all about the swallow tail. Because of the narrow tail, it goes rail to rail really easily, its actually quite loose.
The trouble comes, if your not used to it like me, if you go for a little head dip. I tried to pull in on  few and i'd put my weight up on my front foot.
The big fat soft rails up the front would not want to hold in like the tail and the board side slipped down the wave.
Latter I just stayed on the tail and successfully managed to get a couple of pits!

Surfing Trestles is the quintessential Californian surfing experience and nothing turns me on like skipping across those tracks and seeing cool, clean lines out there.

The stinger deign was developed by Ben Apia  and surfed to prominence by the likes of Mark Richard's, who later brought the designs back to OZ.

I got a great week of waves on the little stinger, finishing off with a session at Salt Creek with these characters!

"The Surf Trip" Newcastle Surf Swap wrap up.

I loaded up the ute nice and early, packed with a nice slice of my collection for the 'show and shine' at  'The Surf Trip' surf swap held as part of the Surfest at Newcastle.

Gavin and team did an amazing job custom building racks for display and setting up tents.

Live apraisals , valuations and discussions of history and design went down under the big top.

Boards on display included this nice selection of Bonzer's and Difta's

Lance, AKA 'Lance's Right' came along and told the story of the his amazing world travelling, reef break discovering single fins.

Prior to leaving for Paupa New Guinea Lance had a board made and sprayed by Marty Worthington. Mystically seeing into the future Marty sprayed a left and right point break that is strikingly similar the the now famous wave Lance went on to pioneer.

Its amazing the board survived the journey.

Lance shared a photo taken by his mum of him about to board a Focker Friendship bound for PNG.

'Show and Shine!'

Penny of trading and selling was going down. Heres a happy customer.

A highlight of the day was when a local MR collector brought out his collection of MR's personal riders from the 80's and 90's. The 3 fin gun being the iconic board featured in the Toohey's beer commercials 

Local legend Peter McCabe came down to tell the story of his Lopez shaped bolt that featured on the poster for Dick Hoole's Tubular Swells.

Shaper Sam Egan, Luke's dad, came out to discuss some of his designs that the punters brought along. I was fascinated to hear him tell the story of the development of this fin designed specifically for nose riding.

All the bells and whistles on this one.

Classics up for sale.

You don't find many of these at garage sales like you used to.

MR's from OZ, Hawaii and the US.

We had some tunes.

In depth discussion of the innovation period.

It was a busy day at Surffest.

The swell from Cyclone Wintson arrived and the sets were getting bigger throughout the day.

As if that all wasn't enough we then moved indoors for the live auction.

To finish off an amazing day we had Andrew Kidman there to play some live music and discuss the 20 anniversary of his movie Litmus.