Lightning Bolt Twin Fin Fetish

I made a friend on the weekend who shares my fetish for 80's Lightning Bolt twin fins. We were like two 12 year old grommies getting completely stoked out in the shed.

Sadly, I had to leave my collection behind in Australia.

Innovation isn't alway pretty

Innovation in surfboard design isn't always pretty nor is it always functional. Sometimes you've got to push things to their logical extreme to work out where the right balance is.

The hollow fins are a nice touch.

Observations of a tsunami

It was interesting to observe the effects of the horrific Japanese tsunami on Californian coast the 11th of March.
The Coast Guard were reporting the the wave was due to hit San Diego at 8.45am.
The Fire Department were in position, the Lifeguards cleared the beach with flashing lights on their truck and the choppers buzzed the coast.
At approx 8.42, when the tide was meant to be pushing in, it drained out equal to that of a mild low tide. 3 or 4 mins latter the water level returned to the high tide mark.
The hearts of all San Diego go out to the people of northern Japan affected by the disaster.

Feels like home....

This morning Swami's tried its hardest to make me feel at home.
The tide was a little high but it felt a lot like a SE swell at Sandon.