1982 MR Twin fin v's 1978 MR Twin Fin

Here is a 6'1" Mark Richards designed single fly swallow tail twin fin of mine. If you compare this board to the one from '78 in the post 'How good is my wife' you will immediately see how the wide point has dropped down from 1/3 from the nose to near the mid point of the board. Almost all boards in the 70's had a wide point up near the nose with a long drawn out tail designed for long drawn out turns on single fins. Once this new template was perfected in about '83 it has hardly been changed in over 20 years. The other difference you will immediately see (even in my crappy photos) is the size of the fins, particularly the width at the base. The newer board has smaller fins that make the board looser and more manoeuvrable, at the cost of the board sliding and being slower down the line. Personally I like a nice wide fin base for lots of drive and power. Perhaps the addition of the smaller fin led to the twin fin designs period of unpopularity as surfer switched to the new 3 fin designs with more speed.


  1. I should have kept my MR dragon twin fin from early 80's. What a board!

  2. Hi ! First of all thanks for sharing your beautiful quiver. Here in France we have almost NO chance to find such boards...

    I have a question about this board : could you tell me the measures of the fin base ? I have a European licensed replica of this board, and I'd really like to compare

    Thanks a lot !