Star Jamer twinzer quad.

Some time ago I found this rough but intriguing twin fin / twinzer. 
Originally I was interested in it for its unique, 80's Aussie, cultural value.
But as soon as I got it under my arm I became fascinated by its design and I'm dying to ride it.

Hand drawn XXXX beer character laminate and hand drawn Advance Australia Aussie flag laminate from a time when blatant Australian nationalism was rare as opposed to today's plague of southern cross tattoos that pollute the line up.

They take their beer pretty serious in Queensland

'Splayed' channel bottom design.
A bit of work to do, but I'm keen to get this in the water.

5'10" number 005. They didn't make many of these.

What revived my interest in this questionable board was seeing this second Star Jamer appear for sale recently. If I bought this one I would 40% of the worlds entire production of Star Jammer twiner quads.