Fake Bolt

Mike wrote to me with some questions about this nice 6'1" triple fly rounded pin tail twin fin. Its got a great spray and beautiful 'bolt' style pin lines down the rails. This board would be great to ride. It also has what I believe are counterfeit Lightning Bolt transfers and no shapers signature. Fake Bolts were very common for the time as were fake 'Lopez' signatures on the blank. This board is worth as much as pressing of a short lived 'Lightning Bolt Records' release, that is, a lot to the right person.


Baby Blue Bolt

Michael wrote to me to ask me "Any ideas on who can honestly tell me what this board might be worth. It's an early 80's, 5'-10' single-wing, twin-fin. Ridden for about 4-5 years. Deck has the typical pressure dings from use. Been in a board bag since then.A local guy has been really interested in this board for the past few days and that got me curious."

I am obsessed with Bolt twin fins, with 4 in my collection and I can tell you this is a good one. Baby blue with pink Bolts and designed for two-time pipeline masters champion Rory Russell. Rory was an original Team Bolt member, who excelled on the pro circuit blazing his own trail just behind Gerry Lopez.
That local guy should be interested, this board is worth close to a grand.

The Club of The Waves

My (new) friend Andrew does a great site called The Club of The Waves.
It is an international surfing, surf art, surf photography, surf history & surf culture site. It profiles surf artists & photographers and delivers a growing archive of articles on subjects like the history of surfing, it's pioneers & heroes, surf culture, the history of the surfboard, surf lingo and more. Check it out at www.clubofthewaves.com

One day I might be able to convince him to do a feature on my massive body of work I title "Doodles from the back pages of my Maths Class text book"

Team Simon

A tip for collectors-
Simon only ever used the triple Energy logo for team riders. You couldn't buy or order a board like that, you had to be on the Simon Anderson, Mike Newling, Duke Bombora, Scott Beggs team.
So if you find an old Thruster with the triple logos you've got a piece of history.

Fast times at Wave Tools

I love this spread from Surfer September 1982.
On the left, an ad for Lance Colin's Wave Tools with a fine array of 80's shapes and sprays.
On the opposite page, coming to a theatre near you, Jeff Spicoli in the pre-release ad for Fast times at Ridgemont High