Mr X- Part 2

Glen Winton is a truly accomplished surfer and shaper, placing third at the 1991 Pipe Masters and shaping for Hot Stuff, Nirvana and his own labels Winton Designs and Mr X. This board shaped by Glen is one of my all time favorites from the T2 or innovation period. It has a revolutionary deep centre channel that goes the full length of the board, a feature I've never seen any where else. Foam in the nose, but none in the tail. And these amazing thin and flexible fins with almost no base area that's normally needed for drive. I love this board, the wayfarers, the splashed paint, the explosion. I cant show you a picture of me surfing it because I found it almost impossible to ride. Its un-surfable. But geez its good to look at.

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  1. So you really do surf. And all this time I thought you were a Fast Times at Ridgemont High wannabe.Nice blog.I am in complete aggreeance with you on design,but what about style?If you squint through most post 85 DVD's most of the surfing is quite generic. Shame.