Lover's Land Bike Tour

My friend Dustin Humpheries is at it again, this time with 3 custom built Deus Ex Machina motorcycles with boardracks, chasing the best of the recent cyclone swell up and down the east coast of OZ.
Check it out at

Twin fin shaped by Senator Dr Bob Brown?

Due to a disproportionate amount of passion & enthusiasm verse access to spending capitol the individual worth of pieces in my collection of "innovation period surfboards 78-83" tends to average the garage sale price of about one hundred bucks.
But occasionally I get lucky. I stress, both very occasionally and very lucky.
The case in point is this one beautiful green tint early twin fin by Bob Brown of Forster on the NSW mid North Coast salvaged from the back room of an antique furniture warehouse. Made in 1978 or '79 this board has never been ridden. Never. It is in truly mint condition. And such a beautiful board too. 6'0" Rounded pin tail with an unusual set of hips, it features a lovely two colour hand cut stencil spray of a Blue whale. It looks to me like it was shaped off of a single fin template due to the wide point being so far forward and the narrow rounded pin tail. But the true mystery lies in the shaper. Could this board have been shaped by a young future politician and leader of the Greens party in Australia Doctor Senator Bob Brown before he moved to Tasmania?