100,000 Becker twin fins

I have no way of verifying these facts pulled from a swaylocks discussion board, but I thought they were interesting enough to share.
Phil Becker has hand shaped over 130,000 boards.
He does not do interviews and shuns the press. 
He has never worn a watch, or owned a TV. 
He shapes 44 boards a week in the same shaping room he started in in 1958. 
He does not believe in contract glass shops, so all of his boards are glassed in his adjoining factory. Single, with no kids, he splits his time between his Hermosa Beach duplex with his vacation surf homes in Hawaii and Costa Rica. 
He does one custom appointment a day, where he shapes the customer's board from start to finish. 
If you were to count all the steps he has walked to shape those 130,000 boards it equates into walking from his factory in Hermosa Beach California to New York and back three and a half times.

I am happy to share these pics of my 6'2" double fly swallow tail twin fin. Flat deck, full volume, soft rails and with a deep vee that peaks between the fins and runs all the way to the nose.

Double fly mini swallow tail

Very flat deck, almost scooped.

Deep vee through the tail swallow vee that extends right through the nose making the board almost look like a boat.

2510 of 100,000

The board went good on the lefts. Full rail bottom turn.

Fast and loose
I'm enjoying some of the unusual angles the waterproof camera gets. The shadow of my figure on the face of the waves looks like creature from Close Encounters of the third kind.
The extra width through the middle of the board really helps it float up and over the foam. 
The river mouth sand banks were producing some long hollow lefts.
The rights off the break wall were also nice and long and fast
This board was loving the glassy conditions on the backhand
Co-incidentally I bumped into this double fly swallow tail Becker at Bird's Surf Shed on the very same day.

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  1. Rad board!

    I'd walk back and forth from Hermosa to NY if it meant I had surf pads in HI and Costa!

    Keep up the good work.