Pigeon-toed Channel Island thruster

Australian made 6'0" Channel Island thruster designed by Al Merrick and shaped by Doug Bell.
I always thought they were a weird looking board with that fat elongated tail and funny single flyer or hip as they call it.
The strangest thing about the board is its fin placement. There is almost no angle on them at all. They stick straight up out of the board and point straight up and down, parallel to the stringer. I haven't ridden it so I'm interested to see how it goes.
There is no question that it worked well for Tom Curren. You can see its a much smoother ride in the video of Curren on his Channel Island Black Beauty vs Occy on his Rusty in the 1986 Rip Curl Bells Beach comp.
To me it looks like Occys board is faster and looser in the conditions.
I wonder who won?
Perhaps I should have asked Occy when I was chatting to him last week.


  1. Old gorilla grip on that ?

    I'll take a twin anyday.

  2. Curren won the heat, lost to Tom Carrol in the final, but his
    consolation prize was winning his first title. I did the video above that's no longer available but the new rights owners of the footage made me take it down.