The unassuming pioneer, Gary Green

There are some sights, some smells, some pieces of music that immediately take you back to a time and a place.
Seeing the three elements of a black arched crescent spray down the rails of a force 9 thruster with a Billabong logo under the glass took me back to 1985 and troubled times of anti hero Gary Green, the surfer who like me, just wanted to have fun.

Did he make the cover of Surfer - Yes.
Was he ranked number 6 in the world- Yes.

Will I fix it up - probably.
Will I surf it - maybe.
Will I keep it for the sake of history - definitely.

Black rock before the Boggie boards

Did he want to surf pro comps in inland swimming pools - no.

 So he quit the tour and became the worlds first professional free surfer.
The fact he made that happen, made that a possibility, made that a real thing, at the end of a long and difficult road, if what makes this board special to me.

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