Wave riding vehicles

Good surfing has a lot to do with confidence and a great airbrush design can go along way to boosting your confidence and therefore your surfing ability. 
Unlike a stripe painted on a car that will not affect the power out put of the engine, a set of bold stripes painted on a surfboard like this seems to dramatically effect the output of the power in my legs.
Hence, this Bill Frierson shaped 6'1" rounded pin tail WRV twin fin from 1981, seems to go a lot better than its almost identical twinBill Frierson shaped 6'1" channel bottom, swallow tail WRV twin fin without a crazy spray.

My they did do some crazy sprays. photo Surfing 1981

built for the waves of Virginia, this board is fast and loose

Front side top turn

Original star fins, the difficult 2 part metal screw in type.

My vanity got the better of me. 
In an attempt to get some nicer pics of the board in the water I went without leash or booties on this cold winter morning.

Backside bottom turn

Flat through the bottom with slight vee between the fins.

Domed deck with soft rails

Looking back at my backhand turn

twin brothers in every way bar the tails.

Double fly and single fly

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  1. hey the fins replicas? I have a frierson with a fin i need and a twin fin MR need both. star fin system by g and s. need help to get these bad boys in the h2o. been searching thank, cliff