Best board ever. Part 1

Yep, that's right.
Best board ever, Local Knowledge 6'2" channel bottom, double fly, swallow tail, twin fin with super hard rails. Shaper- unknown.
I travel for miles to find boards, but this one I found just around the corner in Tamarama. As you can see in the sequence photos above it's fast and it can hold a line in the tube, the one thing twin fin critics say they can't do.
Of course there's no such thing as the the best board ever, only the right tools for the job.

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  1. the shaper is steve godard nick name zorro he works next to me im a shaper on the goldie and i have told him people still love his shapes he has started to hand shape a few again he was the shaper at local knowledge he also shaped arragon's back in the day for mp steve is a screenprinter now if you would like to get him to sign it his web address is tell him davo sent u