Repatriation of a great Australian design icon.

Whilst at Sacred Craft in San Diego a fellow brought in a board he had bought at a garage sale for me to do an appraisal.
Like when I see a proud eucalyptus tree flourishing beside an LA freeway, my little Aussie heart swelled with pride.
I instantly recognized the classic lines of an Aussie icon, a double fly rounded pin tail Terry Fitzgerald designed 7'2" semi gun.
But this board was unique. It was shaped in San Diego at the G&S factory by Hank Warner. A U.S licenced Hot Buttered.
A deal was done and it was arranged that the board would be coming home to Australia.
Then the most wonderful thing happened. Hank Warner showed up! He talked us all through the history of the board and told us stories of working with Fitzy in Hawaii and San Diego. A collectors dream.

The board begins its long journey down under. Minus the No Fear sticker.

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