Described by Hot Buttered as a radical stab at creating an alternative to the original Thruster. The Drifta, with its short width and emphasis on skating speed, ended up pre-dating the revival of the fish-style boards in the late 90s. Main feature: an updated classic single-to double concave, running a decade ahead of the New School. Fluted and pinched wings, stubby swallows, rounded noses and miniature side fins gave the Drifta its almost spaceship-like appearance. A shiftable back fin completed the picture of hot dog happiness. It hid a typically uncompromising design capable of extraordinary down-the line speed and sudden breaks into vertical angles.
My board has double fly with a stubby square tail. The spray is unusual, the deck is a very average geometric new wave design but underneath there a cat paw prints trailing blood. I wonder what message they where trying to send with this one!?


  1. Ah! The Sultan of Speed and his Anchor.I had the misfortune of owning one of these and it put me back on a twinny until the thrusters problems had been sorted.But i still think back at my twins speed with wonder.

  2. A very young Garry Green rode a Drifta in Surfabout at Narrabeen the year Simons Thruster won,he was outed by Derek Blind in an early heat.I was at the final,i will never forget Dane KILLALOHA and his gorilla like frame with his big fat Town n Country twin.The judges got it wrong that afternoon!

    1. thanks for the info I picked a drifta at a g sale it looks brand new and has a surf aids clothe cover I think is sais 87 is it worth much I thought it was a repo this is my era wen bb was big

    2. hi I picked up a hot buttered terry fitzgerald drifta I showed a old surfy who sais he knows old boards he never heard of these and said his opion repo from late 90s its in new cond mint think sais 87it came with a surf aids clothe cover im 90kg is it to small to float me if so where to sell it

    3. Hi,
      I'd love to see some pics. Can you email damion@boardcollector.com ?
      I can help you sell the board. I'm happy to post on the buy & sell page of boardcollector.com for free