My aim of compiling a comprehensive Californian 'Echo Beach' era innovation period collection came one step closer to reality recently with the acquisition of this early 80's Shawn Stussy shaped 6'8" rounded pin tail semi gun. Mr Stussy's skills as a shaper are only matched by his skills as a graphic designer and artist. I took this board out for a run at solid overhead Swami's and it performed as you would expect, very well. But the attraction for me is in the graphics, specifically the walking man with surfboard graphic that formed part of the first collection of imagery Shawn displayed on his booth at Surf Expo in the early 80's
As he describes in Jeff Parker's 'Echo Beach' documentary, he sold a few boards but what people really wanted to order were the fresh and innovative graphic tees. 
And so it was, a revolutionary global surf and street wear empire was born.

The artist at work
The booth
Shawn Stussy at the Florida trade show with the tees and graphics that turned his career around.

Very nice, solid,  glass in fins.

Gorgeous drip paint, hand spray.

Circa 1982


  1. Stussy couldn't shape a bar of soap from a bar of soap. IMHO all he did was crap. Crap boards, T-shirts, Art work, etc. The pioneer of Orange County capitalist surf culture. It's no wonder that so many very successful surf wear companies come from O.C. It's john wayne country. George Bush land. Sara palin culture, ad that to the surf culture and look what you have. PUre sh**

  2. Dude. Sean Stussy is a legend. Any surfboards he shaped aside, his label and how he 'made that happen' is legendary. Just sayin'=

  3. Just saying if you just want to look at the board and not surf it. Thats cool. Very New wave man. Hanging on the wall. Legend in his own/your mind. Retail surf schlock. a lot of attidude dude. a lot of pretense. just sayin

  4. Not sure what that person is goin on about. Shawn is a legend and the resell of his old and new boards proves it. Really nice board you have there. Don't listen to the jealous haters

  5. Fucking haters. Lol.