Neal Purchase's local knowledge

These days Neal Purchase is as famous for his own shaping as he is for spawning his creative off spring, musician / surfer / shaper Neal Purchase Jr
Neal is still shaping today, but back in the 70's and 80's he was crafting some fine shapes in Sydney at Keyo and carving deep channels on the gold coast with the likes of Steve ‘Zorro’ Goddard at Hot Stuff. Later he moved to Local Knowledge before doing his own label.
It was while he was at 'LK' that he crafted this little Queensland tube shooter, shaped for the dredging tubes of the Gold Coast's point breaks.

I love the Superbank and while it is beautiful and mesmerizing to look at, the superbank hates me. I've broken my best boards there, been swept off the jump off rock (cutting me knee and knocking my fins out) and been dropped in on by Tom Carroll ( among many other nameless Gold Coast tradesmen/ local surf stars).
But all is forgiven, even the 1000+ crowd, when you consider the goldy inspired the simple yet beautiful lines in this 6'5" single fly channel bottom rounded pin.


  1. hi there i think i have a burford shaped by NP did he ever shape there

  2. Who were the other shapers at LK?
    Mind is blank,I should know!