Shaun Tomson - 80's gun / Hobie - 80's gun

Shaun Tomson recently got together with Bill Barnsfeild to re-create his iconic 80's pipeline gun for a 'Back to the 80's' charity auction.

Seeing those flouro clouds it prompted me to pull out my US made 80's gun to share.

When I first saw this in the corner of Surfy Surfy in Lucadia CA I just stood there and laughed.
Ridiculous length, the crazy colours the giant logos.

I picked it up and I realised I just had to have it. 
Holding a big wave board under your arm can give you chills as you picture what it made for.
The Hobie / Terry Martin craftsmanship is exquisite with lovely details like the adjustable rear fin.

What I didn't think about at the time was getting on an aeroplane, buts thats a different story.......

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