The lost art of airbrush.

Martin Worthington sprays for Terry Fitzgerald circa 1977 from Hot Buttered

Thomas Campbell circa 2009 from Surfy Surfy

Since its birth in the late 80's, professionalism in surfing has given us the spectacle of some of the best surfers performing their art in some of the best waves in the world. It also spawned a plague of super light high performance surfboards that hardly lasted a season and therefore spelled the death of the much cherished tradition of the full deck surfboard spray.
We are hoping to encourage interest in the technique by way of introducing it to a new audience. We are looking for an airbrush artist to set up a booth to do a airbrush display at the up coming Deus Surf Market on the 10th of April.
I can promise to supply nothing more than a 3m x 3m tent, a table, a free t-shirt commemorating the event, free coffee and the love of 100 adoring new fans.
Any interested spray artists contact Kieth on 0417 217530 or email me at or

Deus Surf Market Wall of vintage PREVIEW

Here is a preview of a selection boards Felix is bringing for the 'Wall of Vintage' at the Deus Surf Market on the 10th of April.

- G&S single (custom home chop job with interesting fin!)
- Insight single fin channel bottom by Solnes.
- Force 9 Gary Green Model
- Richard Harvey channelled thruster
- Heatwave (NZ) thruster
- Dave Wilson HOT DOG finbox thruster
- Darby single fin channel bottom FANG tail.


The global financial crisis has decimated the lifestyles of two of my good friends recently.
Sam was made redundant from a merchant bank and was forced to take his massive payout and go on a 3 month trip to south America from where he has been sending me photos of beautiful women and and big barrels.
Tim, who also worked for the same bank, is being paid to follow up on the sale some of the banks assets in New York.
He has sent me these shots from New Jersey today where he is obviously working hard.

I heart '86

A reader has sent me pics of her original 1986 Shroff Blaster from Florida.
What a time, I thought the future had truly arrived when I first saw these boards and the OP Pro was going off like a riot.

TW w/ twin fin

It's good to get off road.

The TW took me down this dirt track down south.

Karl got a few hollow ones

Board Porn

Jordan wrote to me from Hawaii-
Aloha, i found (this board) at a garage sale in Kaimuki. it was in the rafters of a dilapidated garage and completely covered in red dirt. got it home, washed it off, and this is what i found. not sure how well it shows up in the pic but it has subtle, funky, rounded-off double wings.

This is a lovely original 80's Pat Rawson shaped quad.
Pat Rawson started Local Motion in 1977 and worked with the likes of Larry Bertlemann, Mark Liddle, Michael Ho and Buttons.
His most famous board, Tom Carroll's "Pipeline snap under the lip" board inexplicably didn't even bear his logo.
Coincidently there's one on Ebay right now!

Deus / Boardcollector Surf Market No'2

Boardcollector is helping organize the Second Deus Vintage and Retro Surf Market and Swap Meet.
10 am til 5pm Saturday the 10th of April 2010.
104 Parramatta rd Camperdown, Sydney.

We will have pre-1985 surfboards, skateboards and components, vintage surf clothes, beach shack furniture and vintage posters, magazines, art and collectibles.

Half the stalls are already booked from stall holders who couldn't get into the first one!
Stall to approved stallholders will be $50 for the day.

The highlight will be "Stefan's wall of vintage" . 30 meters of collectible vintage foam priced from $50 to $500.
I encourage you to bring 1, 2 or 10 boards older than 1985 from under the house, up in the rafters or from the back of the garage, regardless of condition.
Stefan will negotiate with buyers and sell on your behalf while you walk the market or have a coffee in the Deus cafe for 10% commission!

If you want more info, to book a stall, or put boards on the vintage wall email me at or call Uncle Keith on 0417 217 530.

A pride of lions. A murder of Crows. A quiver of Simons.

A simple, uncomplicated, functional yet bold and revolutionary surfboard.
Like the man himself.
6'0" rounded square tail. A nice set of hips. Channel bottom and my favorites, Jet fins!

Simon rode a very similar board at the 82 Stubbies at Burleigh.

A pride of Thrusters.

Simon's 82 Hawaiian quiver.


Whilst looking for a picture of my Chrysler Valiant covered with Schroff inspired graphics I found these pictures of my bedroom wall from 1986. Its a snap shot of my formative influences and follies.
- Apocalypse Now. Still the best surf movie of all time.
- Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols. Pure UK teenage rebellion.
- Ferris Buller. Pure US teenage rebellion.
- Talking Heads. Intellectual teenage rebellion.
- The Doors. If the Doors of perception were cleansed all things would appear infinite. I still don't know what that means.
- An impossibly perfect line up shot of Rincon. I thought California was like this everyday. Imagine how disappointing my first surf at 2ft Huntington Beach was.
- Chappy Jennings.
- Gary Green.
- Kirra.
- North Narabeen.
- Angourie.
- Shark Island.
- Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Nigel Planer and Christoper Ryan from the Young Ones.
- Receipt for deposit on custom Aloha surfboard.
- A selection of school bus passes. I sure dont miss the joys of public transport.