Point Break - Johnny Utah's board.

Few movies featuring surfing, surfers or surf culture are as iconic as 1991's 'Point Break' starring Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayzwe.


Few surfboards are as memorable as Johnny Utah's rainbow fade flame job 9' 1 1/2" longboard that he used to learn to surf on (and fight with) throughout the movie.

But where is it now? 

Katie wrote to tell us the of when the movie was first released, Boston radio station WBCN held a premiere of the movie in Massachusetts, and attendees had a chance to win the board via raffle ticket.  Katie was there that night. 
"They called my number, and it's been mine ever since... sadly sitting in my dark basement, which is 100 miles from decent surfing beaches out on Cape Cod's outer beaches".

The board is now for sale. We are looking for offers.
The board can be packed and shipped from Framingham MA.
Interested parties can write to damion@boardcollector.com

"I caught my first tube today.........sir" - Johnny Utah.

"That board looks like a '63 Chevy I used to have" - Bohi. 

As it turns out, I have a board that belonged to Vince Kylne aka "Warchild" , on the right.

Stussy twin fin tribute

I've long admired the work in foam and glass of surfer / shaper / designer / artist -  Shawn Stussy. Specifically I have longed and lusted after after one of his original 80's twin fins. After spending three years living in the US I got close to getting my hands on one a number of times, but never close enough to bring one home.
Frustration is the mother of invention the saying doesn't go, regardless, frustration has inspired me to make my own tribute to the master.
6'3" x 20 1/4" single fly, swallow tail. Very subtle rocker, flat to fee through the tail with fluted flyer either side of the fins. 

Shawn circa 1981

A to Zee - Aloha to Zen

Shawn has never been afraid to use a little pink and purple in the spray gun. Pic @shawnstussy
Deep flutes leading into the flyers outside the fins

Pic @shawnstussy

These fins were hand made locally by 'Jono'

Pic @shawnstussy
I used the fin off cuts to make the matching leg rope attachment

Pic @shawnstussy

Pic @shawnstussy

Pic @shawnstussy

Pic @shawnstussy

Shawn 80's palette of paints. Pic @shawnstussy