Some boards get around.

6'2" Simon Anderson hand shaped thruster. Single flyer square tail, with red and blue panels on the deck. Clear bottom. This board was made when Simon had just left the Energy label and he said that only appox 100 were made of these boards with the Simon Anderson logo on the rails with the 3 fin circle logo. The board is well restored and completely water tight. No cracks around fins or delam on deck. I was really looking forward to surfing it. I bought this board at Mick Mock's auction and the money from its sale was donated to the Surf Aid charity. I was being offered for sale along side 2 other beautiful Energy thrusters by Scott Beggs. This board was particularly rare because Simon shaped it. He was'nt doing much shaping during this period as he was competing full time.
Sadly I can't afford to keep it, although I truely wish I could. I wrote on the ebay listing 'If this board was a puppy dog I'd say 'to a good home only'.
At the auction I thought it was an Energy and that maybe it had Simon's name down the rails cause it was one of his competition boards. But my research proved that it was not to be.
Then I saw an article on about a charity that had collected 180 surfboards for Papua New Gineau. The boards are being donated to existing and prospective surfers in villages across PNG and also through the network of clubs of the Surfing Association of PNG. The donation is to encourage the locals into taking up surfing as a recreational activity and to foster a growing surf industry, including the development of a sustainable surf travel sector.
There in the photo I saw a familiar sight- The Simon Anderson I just bought at the Surf Auction.
Tomorrow its off to its new home, somewhere on the Australian East Coast.

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  1. Hello,
    I have one of these and was wondering how much they sell for?