Lance Collins Wave Tools single fin

Surfer / shaper Richie Collins
"Enough Wave Tools already!" my friend wrote to me.
Well not quite, not till I share with you my early 80's Lance Collins rounded pin tail single fin.

John wrote- 'Hi- i was just looking at your site and the wave tools single fin. Ocean rhythms was a short lived surf shop in babylon, New York @1982-1984?? I bought my first board G&S zapper with 6 channells there.owners name was harold mcambridge and last i heard moved to san diego area 20 yrs ago.Very cool board sure would love to have one of the old wave tools with some checkers!!
good stuff  thanks,-john'

Longboard Collectors Club meet- Encinitas

The Longboard Collectors club came to my home town of Encinitas recently to hold their meet in the car park of the historic Hansens surfshop.
'President Steve' gave me the best advice I've have ever heard about vintage surfboard collecting.
He said-
 "Buy high and sell low".
I laughed knowing that he meant if you don't take it seriously and your not in it to try and make money you will always enjoy yourself.
Enjoy myself I will, thanks Steve.

The meet was across the road from the closest thing Southern California has to a point break 'Swarmi's'.

A Smerk Mangen 80's quad

A Brewer twin

Wave Tools twin fin Part 11

My mission to compile a 1979 to 1982 Californian innovation period collection just came one step closer to reality with the addition of this fantastic Lance Collins shaped Waves Tools tine fin to the collection. A superb example of the genre featuring unique 'chimed' rails, wide tail and 'only in California' wide stumpy fins that I'm assuming evolved from the twin fin fishes from La Jolla that were popular in the mid to late 70's.

I generally believe in removing all stickers to try to get the board back to as original condition as possible but the Rip Curl sticker, in that font, size and layout, is such perfectly accurate to the Echo Beach period that it had to stay.

When 9 decals is not enough.

Chimed, chamfered or beveled edge rails.