Rainbow 'Clinker'

This has got to be one of my favorite boards in the collection. I found it in the roof space of a 'Money Lend' shop in Rockdale.
The 'Clinker Bottom' design is a combination of extreme vee and deep channels, usually four, placed between centre and side fins. Initially it was introduced on twin fin designs like this one, circa 1979 by Laurie Byrne at Byrne Brothers Surfboards, Wollongong, NSW and later used on 3 fin designs. Its 5'9" and has a single fly coming off the side channels with a swallow tail. It has really large base fins for this length of board. The spray is incredible, fading on the deck and striped down the rails finished with delicate pin lines. But it is the spray work in the channels that blows me away.
I've heard that its hard to get a good channel botom any more, not because the design isnt functional, but because glassers refusse to get in there and do all that extra work of glassing and sanding channels.


  1. Classic shape and an amazing spray nice one for the quiver.

  2. I ordered a Byrne single fin clinker, easter 1978. Got Phil to shape it. Yellow with red fade spray through the clinkers. 6'1" rounded pin with single flyer. I still have it!

  3. I had one just like it as my first board around 1982 parents paid $80 second hand for it for Xmas. Wish I still had it. Similar design with only yellow striped rails. My mate who was a much
    Better surfer raved about how fast it was.

  4. Had one exactly like this- so did my mate- we ended up calling him "clinker" and the nickname stuck. Mine was similar to photo except just yellow rail stripes and mates was all red and yellow I think. Wish I still had it