Michael Cundith shaped Sky twin fin.

I'm pleased to share with you my Michael Cundith shaped Sky twin fin. An odd shaped board with fins set close to the tail. Michael was a close friend and collaborator with George Greenough and the 'stubby' , high wide point nose is a direct connection to Greenough's knee boards.
Another common feature on MC's boards of this era are deep double concaves and saw cuts in the fins. 
I had seem fins with cuts in them around for years and thought they were a backyard modifications done after the fact. It wasn't till recently that I connected Georges work with flexible fins, inspired by tuna fish fins, that I realised that MC's fin cuts were part of that same fin flex experiment.

The board is now in the hands of a friend who grew up surfing an almost identical model.
I'm excited to see what he going to find to swap me for it!

Another fantastic example shared by a reader.

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