Like the Alien's exoskeleton

Along with the 3 finned thruster the development of the channel bottom was one of the other important innovations of the T2 period of surfboard design. Col Smith is credited with its early implementation but New Zealand shaping genius Al Bryne is considered the master of the art of the channel bottom. Surf journalist and accomplished big wave rider Nick Carroll told me that an Al Bryne shaped channel bottom gun is a must have for the quiver at solid G-land. He told me the channels give the board extra hold and drive therefore you can take up to 3 inches of its length allowing for greater speed, control and maneuverability in big hollow waves. These extreme channel have evolved into the single and double concave bottoms we ride today.
I love the sculptural look and feel of the channels and small sharp fins that Al uses. When stacked together they have an almost H.R Geiger feel to them.


  1. I believe the double concave pre dates Col Smith's channels.

  2. Yuck,tracking with hangups and wiggles to break the track,just ask KONG.Bastards to sand and all of them specialy swallows fall apart in their prime as your foot goes through the deck.