Sherlock Holmes mystery.

I am pleased to present, for your enjoyment, my newly aquired 'Lazor Zap' inspired 'Sky', needle nose, tear drop, double hip, swallow tail single fin shaped by Byron Bay master shaper Robert Fenech in 1982. A classic innovation period design. I love finding ex-pros boards as it gives me a real Sherlock Holmes mystery to solve as to who was riding it and where. The ultimate reward is finding a published photo in a vintage surf mag of the actual board, in action.
I love, that of the plethora of sponsors, none of the companies still exist. Yet each logo brings back a flood of memories.
And I just love those 80's geometric sprays.

(Not the original fin, but a nice new Captain Fin model)

Laird before he toughened up.


  1. I was living in Suffolk Park (south of Byron) and used to surf with Rob 'Gypo' Fenech at that time. I am thinking that this may have been one of Gypo's own boards and probably was made in his back yard and not the Sky factory as the Ultra Stickers were for another business that he briefly started up with Dave Smythe. Several of us had a brief flirtation with riding Lazor Zaps and trying to be Cheyne Horan. Gypo was the only one talented enough to pull off the imitation - the rest of us eventually gave up and got a thruster or longboard. Tony C Brisbane

  2. More like they worked out widepoints have a limit and wiggling down the face sideways slowly aint much fun.