1983 OP Pro - Atlantic City.

A fantastic collection of anonymous amateur photography of the Op Pro in Atlantic City New Jersey in 1983 that captures the spirit of the time, the look of clothes and the incredible design of the boards.

Images lifted from a sufermag.forum thread.

Tom Curren riding his Al Merrick CI

Wes Laine on the dais

Cheyne Horan

Cheyne Horan, Wes Laine with Rusty shaped Canyon and Virgina Beach pro Brian "Twiggy" Brennen sits with his t-shirt over head.

Geez, I thought the surf was bad at my place

Kim Mearing and her incredible Merrick twin fin

David Barr on the wave of the contest.

Shaun Thompson


Dane Kealoa

Fredia Zambia

Michael Ho

Round One (loser gets equal 33rd and $100)

H1 = Charlie Kuhn defeated Ross Pell
H2 = Glen Rawlings d. Brian Heritage
H3 = Tim Briers d. Mike Benevidez
H4 = Barton Lynch d. Flea Shaw
H5 = John Futch d. Unknown Japanese Surfer
H6 = Bird Mahalona d. Jimbo Sampson
H7 = Mike Burness d. Mike Notary
H8 = Mike Newling d. Jeff Klugel
H9 = Matt Kechele d. Terry Strumph
H10 = David Barr d. Scotty Duerr
H11 = Jim Hogan d. Scott McCraniels
H12 = Vince Klyne d. Tony Moniz
H13 = Pat Mulhern d. Kenny Sanderford
H14 = Tim Gilley d. Joe Engel
H15 = Bud Llamas d. Rob Rohman
H16 = Kingsley Looker d. Mike Lambresi

Round Two (Loser gets equal 17th + $250)

H1 - Tom Carroll defeated Charlie Kuhn
H2 - Wes Laine d. Glen Rawlings
H3 - Michael Ho d. Tim Briers
H4 - Barton Lynch d. Terry Richardson
H5 - Shaun Tomson d. John Futch
H6 - Bird Mahalona d. Buzzy Kerbox
H7 - Hans Hedemann d. Mike Burness
H8 - Greg Day d. Mike Newling
H9 - Cheyne Horan d. Matt Kechele
H10 - David Barr d. Glen Winton
H11 - Martin Potter d. Jim Hogan
H12 - Richard Cram d. Tony Moniz
H13 - Rabbit Bartholomew d. Pat Mulhern
H14 - Tom Curren d. Tim Gilley
H15 - Bud Llamas d. Dane Kealoha
H16 - Joey Buran d. Kingsley Looker

Round Three (loser gets equal 9th and $400)

H1 - Wes Laine defeated Tom Carroll
H2 - Michael Ho d. Barton Lynch
H3 - Shaun Tomson d. Bird Mahalona
H4 - Greg Day d. Hans Hedemann
H5 - Cheyne Horan d. David Barr
H6 - Martin Potter d. Richard Cram
H7 - Rabbit Bartholomew d. Tom Curren
H8 - Bud Llamas d. Joey Buran

Quarter Finals (loser gets equal 5th and $650)

H1 - Wes Laine defeated Michael Ho
H2 - Shaun Tomson d. Greg Day
H3 - Cheyne Horan d. Martin Potter
H4 - Bud Llamas d. Rabbit Bartholomew

Semi Finals (loser gets equal 3rd and $1,250)

H1 - Wes Laine defeated Shaun Tomson
H2 - Bud Llamas d. Cheyne Horan


1st = Wes Laine $4,000
2nd = Bud Llamas $2,000

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  1. Well,Those ones of Cheyne on the Linden were at the Record Bar Pro in Wrightsville Bch,N.C. The board to the right of Twiggy is mine (Action Surfboards). Thanks for posting as always!!!!