Energy thrusters

There is no more collectible board from the innovation period of surfboard design than an early 80's Energy thruster.
They were a popular board at the time and many were made and they are not too hard to find. 
But some are more collectible than others. So, firstly, what your looking for is the first incarnation of the Energy logo. The block type not the script as on the boards above.
The '3 fin thruster' circular decal designed by Peter Stanton is a must. Better still is a hand drawn version, of which I only know of 2 in existence.
A simple color fade deck spray is more collectible than an all over decorative spray because there is a higher chance it was sprayed by Simon Anderson's brother, which to me, makes it more authentic.
You need the Hugh Mc Leod designed burning sun triangle logo.
If you find one with 3 of these decals it means it was a team board.
Although Scott Beggs and Frank Latta were fine shapers you really want one 'designed and shaped' by the big man Simon anderson.
This is harder to find from this period as Simon was travelling and competing and his output of boards from the first generation of the Energy thruster was quite restricted.

Whale Bay, Raglan

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