Holy Grail.......

I'm obsessed with the 1982 Stubbies contest and the variety of board designs ridden by the competitors, mainly MR, Cheyne, Rabbit and Simon. I tracked down one of the actual boards to the Torquay Surf Museum near Bells Beach in Victoria. Although the board is unlabelled I knew exactly what it was when I saw it. I wiped my eyes got up off the floor and took a pic. I was further saddened to see that the great board had been snapped. But then that's what happens to all the best boards.

In my quest to capture the essence of this exciting innovation period of surfboard design I secured my own version of MR's board. Its actually and Australian shaped Lightning Bolt 6'2" Single fly swallow tail twin fin I bought from a surf life saver in Cronulla. I have no way of proving it but I suspect that the logo on the bottom with the bolt going thru the explosion was only used by team bolt riders. Pretty stoked, hey!

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  1. I have a lightning bolt by Greg clough. I know very little about it. Can you help me.