World's most famous obscure surfboards 5- Red tint Lightning Bolt pin tail single fin

Laura Blears Ching won title of Hawaii's number one amateur female surfer, won the women's division in 1972 Makaha Invitational surfing competition, became only female to compete in the Smirnoff men's championship in 1973 and took part the following year with six other women and won title of world's number one lady surfer.
She is perhaps most famous for her appearance in Playboy's July 1975 issue in her six page pictorial titled "Super Surfer".
This could be one of the most famous and often reproduced surfing photos out side of traditional surfing circles. To me, the stunning red Bolt is the most impressive aspect of the photos. The bolt and the fact she's surfing a north shore reef with no wax and no leg rope.

I wonder where this board is now?


  1. what I really want to know is who is credited for the photos, I want to buy a print of that photo!! Imagine it printed from the original film/neg... sweet!

  2. “The Summer Of 1975 Was A Great Summer !!!”

    Cudos to Tice Ryan for setting TRANSWORLD Surf Magazine straight. Indeed, unlike suggested by “Historical Revisionists,“ Wendy Botha was NOT the First Hottie Surfer to pose nude in a magazine. I remember the first time that I saw photographs of Hottie Laura Blears Ching “Ripping” totally - nude.
    Unlike most Beach Bunnies posing nekkid next to Surfboards but never actually Surf, Ching was A REAL Surfer, when she posed for PLAYBOY. (Laura Blears Ching was the ONLY Woman to compete in the Smirnoff Men's Championship in 1973 and later was ranked as the No. 1 Amateur Woman Surfer.)

    Yes, indeed Sumer 1975 was “A Great Summer.”:

    1. I graduated from high school (Battery Creek High School - Beaufort, South Carolina).
    2. I bought my first Surfboard (a six foot Plastic Fantastic).
    3. As A Floor Guard at the long-gone “Skateworld,” I had more girlfrinds that I could handle.
    4. I played baseball for the Beaufort, South Carolina Burger King, and we made the playoffs.
    5. I had my first “real job” - working on Sailboats.
    6. I was introduced to the Music of Dan Fogelberg
    7. The US Army rejected me (Ha ! - I went on to retire as a US Marine Corps Officer)
    8. I was accepted into the College of Charleston
    9. Rather than go to DISNEYWORLD with the family, For my 18th Birthday, I bought my first legal - age copy of PLAYBOY Magazine (the July 1975 issue). Centerfold Lynn Schiller was “Smoking - Hot,“ but OMG, Laura Blears’ Nekkid Surfing Photographs were Incredible !!!!!

    That issue of PLAYBOY is buried along with my first Surfboard, in an attic back in Charleston, South Carolina.

    (Hmm, perhaps it is time for “A Road Trip.”

    Some of the Facebook Sites which I administer that You may find interesting:



    Facebook | I Was A Sailing Bum

    Semper Fi,
    “Major Pain”

  3. Pulled myself to pieces over this spread in the '70's till my mum found my Playboy stash. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Hey! Scan the one with her bare ass in the surf, it's unbelievable!

  5. She works as a hostess at Kimo's in Lahaina. Nice women with plenty genuine Aloha!

  6. I happened to be on the beach that day that these pictures were been taken.All by the fate of the Hawaiian Gods.The photographer was a man by the name of John (wrecking my mind trying to remember his last name).His entourage stopped at our camp site and shared a beer and advise on how to use my newly bought SLR camera.First camera I had ever owned.I was with a group of buddies from MCAS Kaneohe.Semper Fi.

  7. Did you happen to meet Laura that day? And did she wipeout? Too bad she wasn't photographed underwater. Now that would've been really cool.

  8. Includes her popular backside shot