Bob Mc Tavish twin fin.

Sadly I knocked the fin out of this beautiful 6'0" x 20" x 2"3/4 single fly swallow tail twin fin shaped by Bob McTavish while surfing Granite Bay in Noosa a little while ago. I lost the original fin and was forced to decide how go about repairing repair it.
My passion is testing different board designs in challenging conditions to see how they really perform when given a chance. So I decided to take the oppotunity to fit fin control plugs instead of replacing the glass on fin so I could take this board away with me on overseas trips in a triple board bag.
I took it to Bali with 2 other boards. As it turned out I rode it the whole time, never even taking the other boards out of the bag.
All the foam in the nose gave it great paddling speed and wave catching ability. The narrow tail really holds in on bigger waves and the large surface area of the fins gave it heaps of speed of the bottom.
I let the locals have a good look at it and they seemed to like the removeable fin too.

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