Here is a sweet little 80's rider of mine. It's a 5'10" McGrigor thruster shaped by Barry King in Brookvale and is in amazing condition for its age. I love its bold colours, pulled in nose, wide mid piont, its soft chimed rails, its double flyers and swallow tail. But the highlight for me is its Simon Anderson designed Jet fins. These were popular for about two minutes in 1982 including the time when Simon surfed on them in the finals of the Stubbies at Burleigh Heads and, I'm told, in Florida where pro surfer / shaper Mike Notary rode them and called them 747's. Sky blue beauties with an white adjustable center fin box. This board is worth nothing and is one of my favorites in the collection.

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  1. Damion , here in florida pro surfer / shaper Mike Notary rode those fins back in the 80's and ripped on em. He called them 747's. I saw him in smyrna this summer and he still rips .Good stuff.

    Love the boards