Bustin' down the door.

I saw Shaun Thompson's movie 'Bustin Down the Door' about Wayne 'Rabbit' Bartholemew, MR, The Bronzed Aussie's, Shaun and his cousin Mike in Hawaii during the 'Free Ride' period and it prompted me to write about my 6'0" Hot Stuff single fin, channel bottom, rounded pin tail designed by Rabbit. A classic little number from the middle of the innovation period and one of the stars of the 1982 Stubbies. Although not technically very innovative at all, its classic simplicity made it the ultimate wave riding tool for the barrelling sand bottom points of the Gold Coast for which it was designed. The photo is of team rider 'Kong' at Kirra.
My freind Aaron took me to Sandon Point on a big day recently. I couldnt get hold of my big wave board so I took this along instead hoping the big clear fin would hold in off the bottom. Sure enough I scored a bomb, I got up, got to the bottom and surprised myself how well a 6'0" handled a long fast drawn out bottom turn on a big barrelling wave. Naturally I got smashed in the pit further down the line. What was I thinking, a 6'0" on an 8" day. At least it only cost me $15 from a store called "Garage Sale In A Shop".

Photo of Sandon Pt from www.sandonpointphotos.com


  1. You gotta give dims on these beauties Damion.

    Great story that brings home the point how important these type of 80's boards are even today.

  2. just brought one very similar,great ride