Kingsley Looker part 1

A couple of years ago I was driving to Maroubra for a surf. As I was going thru Coogee I saw a yellow skip out the front of a building site. Sticking out the top was a broken nose of surfboard. Normally I'd drive by but I could clearly see a 'Platts' logo.
Platts was a small Australian board short company that went under a few years ago. I knew they didn't have much of a team, so if this was a team riders board I knew who it probably belonged to. I pulled it out of the skip and got goosebumps down my arms. I knew this board.
But how could I prove it?
I put it in storage till today. Because recently I found the Sunday Telegraph colour insert, program for the 1986 Surfabout, and there on the cover in all its 80's flouro glory was this board!
I still wasn't sure so I dug out the board, still covered in grime and unrepaired. I thought, Platts logo under the glass, its been snapped and put back together, it definitely something, but theres no shapers signature. Then finally peeled off some of the tail pad near the plug and there it is "GR 5'11" x 19"3/4 KINGSLEY"

This board is not worth $ but it does have a cultural history value, to me.

Vince Klyne beats up Keanu Reeves at the beach!

My favorite 80's surf star, Hawaiian surfer turned Hollywood actor, Vince Klyne AKA "War Child" and Anthony Kiedis from the Chiili Peppers beat up Keanu Reeves in the movie Point Break.
Klyne went on to work as a model for Guess, JimmyZ and GQ magazine and starred in other 80's films of questionable quality such as Cyborg

Music Fan

Scott Beggs

Scott Beggs shaped Energy thruster. Wide tail area with pronounced hips.
A similar rounded square tail board can be seen at
This is a great example of one an early Energy thruster. Easily dated at 1981 by the fantastic checker spray featuring the bands-

Simple Minds


(A) Headbanger

The Sunnyboys

The Slits

Ian Dury & The Blockheads

The Pretenders

Mi Sex