Blue Bird 4

Martin wrote:
Heres a couple of bluebirds of mine, not mint by any standard but interesting. 
The little red one has the bluebird swooping upwards on the deck. Maybe glassing error or does it mean something? It also has " Mighty Mac Special" written on deck.

Blue Bird 3

Doug from WA wrote to say:
I can’t believe I saw a Bob McTavish Blue Bird single fin, in not as good condition, but not far off it, as the one that sold on ebay recently. The guy was riding it and said he had a couple more from that era. The lad had fixed the tail but the board still has its original fin.

Blue Bird Part 2.

Laurie from the Gold Coast sent me the ebay link to this :
"McTavish Bluebird Single Fin. In nice condition with some heel dents and a couple of small dings and shatters on rails - top and bottom are super clean. Beautiful green tint on deck with key lines and clear bottom. Measures 6'6" x 19" x 2 3/4".
A very nice board from an interesting period by an important shaper with sold wear and tear.
It sold for AU $3,557.53
.....about the price of a small farm house near Byron Bay in 1970.

Chis Brock, George Greenough, Dog, Garry Keyes and
Bob McTavish. Wilderness factory,  Byron Bay. SW.
image from surfsearch
image from surfingart


Tyler has shared these pics of his Dad's beautiful Michael Peterson shaped early 80's single fly, swallow tail, single fin that's in remarkable original condition. 
MP will go down in surf history as one of the sports most influential athletes and craftsman and is deeply missed.

Silver Flight

The greatest pleasure I get from sharing my collection on this blog is when I post pics of a board by a shaper and or a label I know little about and I get contacted by a reader who sheds some light on my find. 
In the past I have been lucky enough to be contacted by the original shapers themselves, the airbrush artist, the glasser, the son of the shaper, the daughter of the shaper and in one case the brother of a shaper who had past away. 

I'm crossing my fingers that someone can help me shed some light on this beautiful recent find from the Longboard Collectors club meet in Oceanside.
A "Silver Flight" 6'4" single flyer swallow tail twin fin with a full pigment coat and pigment coat resin stripes on the deck, shaped by L.Jackson. 
It has a textured deck which brought back terrible memories of scabbed up knees and chest from my textured deck Aloha from 1982. The 'Silver Flight' logo is somewhat reminiscent of the Lightning Bolt logo of the time.


Well according to Andy Anderson of Stoked'n'board Silver Flight was owned and shaped by one Mr Bob Hurley.

Damion, if my memory serves me well, Silverflight was Tom Eberly's label.  
If you look at the Eberly label boards of the same period the script is identical to Silverflight.
Eberly was the West Coast Lightning Bolt shaper from the 70's to mid eighties and I'm pretty sure the Silverflight logo was copied from Star Bolt.

...Also Trevor Christ (local NSSA ripper) in the 80's from San Diego was one of Silverflight's riders

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