Tom Caroll '83

Above is a pretty crappy version of a 6'0" Bryne rounded pin tail channel bottom thruster with adjustable centre fin. Based on (or possibly one of???) Tom Carroll's boards that he competed on from 82 to 85, winning the 82 and 84 world titles. I believe he was he first goofy foot to win a world title (Rolf Aurness 1970??) he worked closely with his shaping partner Phil Bryne, who's boards he still rides to this day.


  1. Thanks for a sweet blog dude...

    Just a comment. Rolf Aurness did take a world title in 1970 I believe and he was a goofy foot, right?

  2. I bought a board from Tom years ago
    just after he won the Coke contest.
    A squash square thruster with channels that he surfed on the Australian leg of the Tour.I then proceeded to have the board run over by a Lear jet my boss owned when i bludged a ride to Queensland to watch the Stubbies.The tail was squashed flat with tire treads over it
    Wonder what it would be worth now.I
    also have a Pat Rawson shaped 7"10 swallow tail gun surfed by Tom when he won the Sunkist World cup
    at Sunset.A great board.