Nectar Thruster- Part 5.

Luck has really been shining on me of late. 
I found this Gary McNabb shaped 6'3", single hip, rounded square tail, Nectar team riders thruster in great condition in San Clemente for under $100. It looks like it could well have just been shot for the cover of Surfer in 1981. The fact that this design made the cover of a magazine is a testament to how important this design is to the history of surfboard design. 
In fact how many other boards have scored their own cover shot?

Again, the team rider for whom the board was shaped is a mystery to me. 
It could be this guy, who went un-credited in a Nectar ad from 1981 or possibly John Glomb.

(The half completed tail repairs were done by me. Originally the tail was in good condition with just a single crack along the tail that I was afraid was going to let in water.)

Gary McNabb, 8076, 6'3"
Nectar thrusters
Nectar ad from 1981

John Glomb, surfing off Singer Island. Photo. Tony Arruza. 
80's Gotcha / Oneil team boards


  1. Nectar board was John Glomb's board I think...80's San Diego pro guy. Pic of the board from behind the wave in Surfer Mag if my memory serves me well.


  2. Jeff parker on the cover that guy could rip & a style that was unparalleled

  3. The Rainbow board was shaped for… me!
    I bought it in an Ocean Beach (SD) surf shop, it was my first "real" board. The year was 1984, actually, not 1981.
    I then proceeded to travel to Baja and Mexico with my then fiancee (today my wife of many years), and shot the travel shots (ambiance, not action) on pure spec during my travels, then submitted them to Nectar when returning. The white sphere is the tropic line. That's my wife on the photo.
    Some of the images were published in this ad (Aug 1984 Surfer Mag), Nectar kindly rewarded me with a 4-fin pink striped board (which I still have, in pristine conditions), then I shot more ad pix when returning home, in the streets of Paris (!).
    When I later moved to Guadeloupe, French West Indies, I took my beloved rainbow thruster with me (with the pink 4-finner), surfed it a lot, and it sadly finished its life broken in two after a bad wipeout in a Basse Terre shore break. I will regret it forever :-) The Quattro is still with me, not a ding

  4. Ever heard of Greg Foster? Local SD boy who ripped Nectar boards for years.