World's most famous obscure surfboards 5- Red tint Lightning Bolt pin tail single fin

Laura Blears Ching won title of Hawaii's number one amateur female surfer, won the women's division in 1972 Makaha Invitational surfing competition, became only female to compete in the Smirnoff men's championship in 1973 and took part the following year with six other women and won title of world's number one lady surfer.
She is perhaps most famous for her appearance in Playboy's July 1975 issue in her six page pictorial titled "Super Surfer".
This could be one of the most famous and often reproduced surfing photos out side of traditional surfing circles. To me, the stunning red Bolt is the most impressive aspect of the photos. The bolt and the fact she's surfing a north shore reef with no wax and no leg rope.

I wonder where this board is now?

Uncle Keith

Uncle Keith sent me this pic he took from his front porch last week. He tells me its a river mouth break located between Melbourne and Brisbane.

Dear Mr Systems. Part 2.

In july 2007 I wrote a post called Dear Mr Systems about my favorite twin fin and how I couldnt keep a fin in it. The story goes, after breaking off and losing the original fin on rocks I decided to put in FCS plugs so I could travel more easily with my most trust worthy board. After losing a number of sets of FCS twin fins I wrote an angry blog from Sydney that was very kindly and promptly responded to, on the other side of the world, by Tyler Callaway, Director of Business Development Surf Hardware International in San Diego.

As if to prove how small the world really is, I was surfing this very same board from Australia at the the world famous Wind 'n' Sea in San Diego yesterday and who should I met in the water- Tyler Callaway!

Little dragon

My work took me to Sydney last week.
On the weekend I was lucky enough to visit my very good friend Mick Mock at his beautiful store "Little Dragon" and indulge my senses in his stash of surf collectables, memorabilia, vintage surfboards, old school skateboards, records, books, magazines, Island kitsch, Hawaiiana and beach life.
He spesifically told me not to take any photos or blog about his store.
Please visit him at 1 Bramley Street, Newport NSW 2106 and tell him you saw the pics here.

You can phone Mick on 0403 974 967.

Shaun Thompson

I met Shuan Thompson last night at the SIMA awards.
He said "Nice to meet you".
I said, "oh no, we've met before, 1981 Surfabout at Narrabeen, don't you remember, I do"

Neal Purchase's local knowledge

These days Neal Purchase is as famous for his own shaping as he is for spawning his creative off spring, musician / surfer / shaper Neal Purchase Jr
Neal is still shaping today, but back in the 70's and 80's he was crafting some fine shapes in Sydney at Keyo and carving deep channels on the gold coast with the likes of Steve ‘Zorro’ Goddard at Hot Stuff. Later he moved to Local Knowledge before doing his own label.
It was while he was at 'LK' that he crafted this little Queensland tube shooter, shaped for the dredging tubes of the Gold Coast's point breaks.

I love the Superbank and while it is beautiful and mesmerizing to look at, the superbank hates me. I've broken my best boards there, been swept off the jump off rock (cutting me knee and knocking my fins out) and been dropped in on by Tom Carroll ( among many other nameless Gold Coast tradesmen/ local surf stars).
But all is forgiven, even the 1000+ crowd, when you consider the goldy inspired the simple yet beautiful lines in this 6'5" single fly channel bottom rounded pin.

Deus Surf Swap 4- Sydney

THE Martin Worthington will be there doing some sprays.

Tony AIRSPEED will be pinstripping on the day so people can bring along something to be done.

Hand shaping of timber Alia boards by Teal.

Display and demo of GROWN timber handcrafted boards.

And the usual mix of vintage surf boards, print, art and bric-a-brac from Jeff and others.

Stefan's VINTAGE WALL OF JOY with only pre 1990's boards, you can put your boards on consignment for the day.

The famous Deus food emporium, lucky door prizes to be won etc.

Gates open 10AM

For all enquires, bookings call Keith +61 417 217 530

World's most famous obscure surfboards 4- Square tail single fin with tiger spray Part 2

Ben wrote-
Thought you would be interested in this board. I was told that 2 were made for the movie and this is the other 1. Not sure!!! Kid have been using it as a sandboard!!!! Found it at the dump!!!!
It is a Gordon and Smith shaped by Tony Bishop with artwork by Jim Pav???ington maybe?
(Possibly Jim Parkinson from Jackson, another Cronulla based board company)