Simon Anderson Energy twin fin

Day 15 of the east coast low and the swell continues but it seems most peoples enthusiasm has not.
Things were looking pretty uncrowded for a weekend so I thought I'd have a run at the point.
There were still waves around so I scanned the racks for something a bit narrower in the tail that could handle some small fast ones.

As a side note, I've been described as a ECL when I get in a bad mood, cause I can be a bit of a slow moving depression.

I chose this Simon Anderson shaped Energy twin fin from 1980.
I love the plan shape.
But I'm not sure of the fin placement because for a twin fin it was pretty stiff and hard to turn.

There are two people in this pic, one riding the inside wave, the other paddling out. In fact there were only four cars in the car car park today

Hugh McLeod's original Energy logo design

I love a blue fade Energy panel spray
I love a blue fade Energy panel spray with multiple pin lines even more

This pic was shot backwards over my shoulder as i tried to pig dog a section

Its amazing to see the rain drop on the water surface in this cut back pic.
I don't know who or what this means??
Trying to back door the sucky section 
Perhaps the other thing that held the performance of this board back was the lack of vee through the tail.

Not many heads in the water today.

Single fly swallow tail

The End

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