Simon's single.

My mate Jimmy sold me this late 70's Energy rounded pin tail single fin shaped by Simon Anderson. He swears it was one of Simon's personal boards. He tells me he bought it from Simon's cousin Scott Anderson. But I have a hard time believing either Simon or Scott would have filled the dings with wood putty!!
Regardless it is a beautiful, classically simple, well balanced shape to hold under your arm and features Simon's trademark soft flyer's.

photo from SW by Aitionn


  1. I have one of these as well, just trying to do some research on it. It's lasted me 24 years of surfing although in bad nick now so not been used for the last eight years but holds some awesome memories and great surfs, so smooth and arcing through the sets, love the old single fin!

  2. Does it have a tag on it saying dion

  3. I have a Simon anderson board number 385. single fin thruster can any one let me know what it would be worth or is interested in it call Rob on 0438869047