Old school Schroff twin fin.

To me Peter Schroff from Newport beach CA is one of the most exciting shapers of the innovation period. Artist, designer, surfer, style leader and very inspiring to me in 1985 in Sydney. It was partly his furniture designs and sculptures that originally inspired me to study industrial design. All I could do at the time was try to copy his eye popping graphic sprays with marker pen on my boards and school books.

But it wasn't till more recently that I came to appreciate his earlier twin fin designs. With more subdued graphics and scripted logo, they had some unique features for late 70's twin fin designs. High wide point and thick through the middle, soft rails and relatively skinny drawn out tails. The beautiful example that I have been lucky enough to recently acquire has the most extreme vee bottom through the tail of any twin fin in my collection.

You can actually see the pronounced vee in the tail in the above photo.

Peter with Schroff twins

Narrow tail with trademark 'baby swallow' shallow swallow

Extreme vee bottom

What I call the 'californian twin' template because its closer to a Skip Fry keel than the longer deeper MR  template used more comonly in Australia at the time.

Schroff twin of the same era from Surfer magazine 1982.

Aleeda wesuit 'personality' ad from the same year featuring Peter and twin fin.

Schroff twin from Jeff Parkers Echo Beach documentary.

A fantastic Schroff collection from Steiny's blog. A great mix of early era Schroff twins and latter 'new wave' blasters, quads, thrusters and single fins.  

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  1. Oh my Gosh! Like you, I was fascinated with the enigmatic and graphically powerful Schroff designs of the early and mid eighties. My brother bought a 5' 10' baby swallow twin fin that had that iconic black and white logo affixed. Grey on top and pink on bottom with the thinnest, most delicate rails. I remember swapping my MR twin for a few rides and I was amazed at the flighty, responsive nature.