Laser Zap

The Laser Zap is one of the most interesting designs of the innovation period. It either powered Cheyne Horan on to or held him back from, being runner up to 4 World titles. A no-nose, wide tailed single fin board designed by Geoff McCoy and Cheyne Horan, 1979-1984.
Later models featured Ben Lexan/Cheyne Horan’s Winged Keel/Star fin.
Here is my Geoff Mc Coy shaped early 80's Laser zap. Note the super wide tail and needle nose. This one is not even as extreme as the ones Cheyne Horan rode in competition.
My favorite piece of Laser Zap history is in Scott Dittrich's movie : Follow the Sun from 1980. It include includes Cheyne Horan on a 5 ft 6'' Lazor Zap at 15 to 20ft Waimea Bay.


  1. Those are awesome! I have an orignal McCoy 5'4" Lasor Zap with the original long raked back McCoy designed fin. I also have an original winged keel. I bought the board for $20 from a friend in 1984. I rode the hell out of it in the 80's. It is really beat and I'm planning on doing a full restoration job. I can't wait to ride it again.

  2. That board from history of surfing and Beyond blazing Boards. best looking board ever

  3. deanrharris@hotmail.comNovember 27, 2011 at 8:38 PM

    I used to ride a "wave weapon" no nose/laser zap in the 80's, it was 5ft 10" round tail, channel bottom, absolutely loved it. Thinking of getting something similar shaped, can't remember width or thickness though. Any dimension info would be greatly appreciated.
    Dean Harris

  4. Wow, memories. I can remember being out at Avoca with Shane Horan riding those boards...!!