Larry Bertelman the Rubberman

Here is my Larry Bertelman designed 'Anything is possible' 6'0" twin fin. Its very flat, with hardly any rocker and long straight rails with no flys going down to a wide swallow tail. It has the famous 'Pepsi' spray and a pair of vee's cut into the tail which are unique to Larry's designs.
Larry - The Rubberman opened the door to the modern surf age. Arriving on the surfing scene amid a period of flux in surfing styles around 75 to 78, he demonstrated that no limits exist beyond our imagination. He didn't invent the short board; he just showed us how to ride it. No one had a greater influence on the way people surf today -- from the best in the world on down -- than Larry Bertlemann. From the time he was a cheeky grom Bertlemann was interested in design. Collaborating with Town and Country, George Downing and Hawaiian Pro Designs to become a driving force in creating the swallowtail.


  1. It is not a "famous Pepsi spray" - it is the Coca Cola "dynamic ribbon" that Larry was emulating.

  2. Jake from WilloughbyNovember 5, 2013 at 10:32 PM

    who owns that orange board ? I owned one the same 30 years ago and recently i rang the person i sold it to and his parents gave it to the salvation army store two years ago in Chatswood N.S.W , i am very curious to see if it is the same one i was wanting to buy it back .