The Poet Warrior.

Mark Richards is the true poet warrior and the king of innovation period surfboards. Trained to shape by Dick Brewer in Hawaii, Mark developed his own unique design for the twin fin (inspired by Reno Abelira). He shaped his own boards and rode his own boards and went on to win 4 world titles.
So when I found this '82 MR designed twinny shaped by Bob Margets. I knew it had to be restored.
Which brings me to the point of the blog...........
If a board needs to be restored do you seal the dings clear so you can see the boards imperfections and history? Or do you spray paint and gel coat over any water and sun damage?
In this case I let the masters at Jackson surfboards in Cronulla do a good resto job and colour match the repairs to the sun damage. So this is a "fake natural" restoration if you will.
The other point to consider about this board is the 'bat tail' design. This type of tail is currently very fashionable on modern quads and with surfers like Ozzie Wright. Just remember, Mark thought of it first.

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