Star Bolt- for fanciful flights of daring

In 1979 Lightning Bolt Surfboards of Hawaii presented their quiver of designer model surfboards. Gerry Lopez called the series "Star Bolt"- the state of the art in handcrafted boards.

This board may or may not have been part of that series....

6'0" single fly swallow tail twin fin. This sweet rider is a nice addition to my collection of Bolt twinnys.

Or maybe its time for me to seek some professional help for my obsession.

Star Bolt shaped by Jim Beardsley


  1. Aloha- Genuine or fake that's still a great board!

  2. Hi:
    Really awesome post about Lightning Bolt.
    I the web manager for Lightning Bolt Europe. Do you think we can use your images to publish on our website?
    Thanks and congratulations for yor excellent blog.
    João Machado

    1. I have a really nice 5'7 swallow tail twin fin in excellent condition. Fully rideable or a beautiful addition to your collection. My StarBolt has been really well taken care of. Color is still vibrant, with no water or sun damage. Signed by Doug Riddle on one of the fins. My father-in-law gave it to me, but right now I need the money more than I love the board. is my email if interested or call Genny: 714-654-4680
      Huntington Beach, CA

  3. Hi from Oz,

    I've had a board my dad gave me some years ago just lying round and I've decided to fix it up. So I googled it just to find some history/ what it might be worth now and yep, we have the same board!! Mine has a yellow back and looks to be in a bit better condition overall. Anyway I'd be happy to send you pics if you want :)


  4. Hi Morgan,
    We would love to see your pics!
    Please send some through.



  5. Hey again Damion,

    Sorry I was busy moving house and havent had internet for a while. I live in Brisbane, Australia and you might have seen we also had a massive flood the destroyed much of our lower city area. Anyway all that's past stuff now so life's got a bit of rhythm again. I asked dad about the board and he confirmed that yes it is indeed an original twin fin swallow tail lightning bolt. He bought it brand new in 1974. Where would you like me to send the pictures to??

  6. I have a starbolt surfboard!!! its a 6 2 shaped by emerson cortez and its awsome