'Old Faithful'- the famous MR flame board. Part 5

The influence of the Ben Apia stinger ridden by MR streched far and wide. Here is a Wave Tools stinger from California recently sold by a friend of mine.
He decribes the board as-
This Wave Tools is the Stinger model, singe-fin, single-wing, swallow-tail. The wings are located 28 inches up from the tail, and the swallow-tail tips are 7 inches apart. Orange and yellow flames are running 61 inches down the length of the deck (see photos). On the deck, at the nose is a Wave Tools laminate (see photos). On the deck, at the tail is a picture of a pair of palm trees. Between the trees it reads, “ For Jungle Man.” The drawing and markings were done with a rapidograph pen. The rapidograph pen drawing is original, and is located under the glassing. The board is signed and numbered by the master himself, Lance Collins, the board number is, “6109-9.” On each side of the board is a Wave Tools laminate. All graphics (flames & palm tree drawing), laminates are all original to this board.

SPECIFICATIONS: 6’-11” x 21-1/2” x 3-1/4”


  1. Little story about the Wave Tools logo on this board. Danny Kwock created it out of two different sized Wave Tools laminates to emulate the Aipa Logo in size and shape.

  2. I have a similar board, but with a step BOTTOM. Yes, it gets thinner (about 1/2") at the wings. So the stinger section of the board is 1/2" - 1" thinner than the rest of the board. I had Lance look at it and he explained the serial number system he used at the time. This board 6109-9 would have ben shaped in 1976, October (10) 9th, and would have been the 9th board he shaped that day. Which seems like a lot of boards to shape in a day. My board was also shaped in '76, but I don't recall the rest of the serial number beyond the fact that it is a dash 2 (second board of the day).