Californian Classic

What is more Californian than a supermarket that has car spaces reserved for fuel efficient vehicles???

A  Californian bastard in a giant V8 SUV taking up two spaces reserved for fuel efficient vehicles.....

What is  more Californian than a car lot with four Cameros and a Pontiac Firebirds with flames and racing stripes?

A whole car yard of muscle cars with flames and racing stripes........

Look closley, 2 guys splitting the peak

What is  more Californian than a A frame sand bank created by man made river mouth jetties?

Four people surfing it on thanks giving afternoon.....

expect for this little 1983,  6'2", single bump, squash tail, flouro logo, Channel Islands, Al Merrick designed Californian classic!!

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  1. Wow, learn your cars!There is one Firebird, the rest are Camaros!