Beckmeier Bolt twin fin from Kauai

Randy Rarick is a giant in surf industry / surf history circles and a kind and generous friend to boot. To quote Jason Borte from Randy's Surfline profile in November 2000 "Few have dedicated their lives to surfing the way Rarick has, and few have reaped as many rewards. While his involvement in organized surfing won't last forever, his enjoyment certainly will."
It was this shared enjoyment that prompted him to first write to me via this humble blog, to correct a few historical inaccuracies as it turned out, and we have had a continued on going conversation about our passions for surf history and vintage surfboards ever since. I was completely stoked recently to be invited to be part of his 2011 Hawaiian Island Vintage Surf Auction as a volunteer 'expert' vintage surfboard appraiser (70's -80's focus) and I can't wait to get there to take some photos and absorb some history.
He is one of only a few who can truly appreciate (or take pity on) my deep fascination with Hawaiian built Lightning bolt twin fins of the late 70's and early 80's. So when he came across a beat up vintage, approx 1978, lime green fade with pigment rail bolts, Beckmeier single fly, swallow tail , channel bottom, Lightning Bolt twin fin on the island of Kauai he very kindly thought of me and picked it up.
He was able to fix it up and get it to California for me to enjoy. It is not the most immaculate in my collection but it is certainly one of the most valuable to me.

The moment of truth. The unveiling of the never seen before bolt.

Here it comes.

Ta dah!


  1. this is awesome...see you at the auction!

  2. Hi Wow, great board check out the flutes! Looks in good condition, wow Randy!!! Does he still surf, havent heard of him for years, how lucky are you, ps was at Pambula rivermouth yesterday saw the roos, visited secret surf spot MEROO bit more known now!  Do you know of the guy in Toukley NSW with big board collection, he does ding repairs shaping? Enjoy