Emerald Bolt

For you enjoyment, I submit this nice 6'1" single fly rounded pin tail twin fin shaped by Steve Griffiths of Emerald surfboards Taren Point (near Cronulla). According to surfsearch Steve left Emerald in 1979 although I would have guessed its age at 80/81.
It has a nice 'Lighting Bolt' inspired spray, pin lines and multi coloured laminated fins.
I love all twin fins but round tails always look a little weird to me, like twin fins can only work on a swallow tail.
I'll take it for a surf and let you know how it goes.


  1. I have a yellow & black checkered Steve Griffiths shaped Emerald surfboard and it's the grooviest I've ever seen.

  2. Love the faux-Roger Dean script logo!

  3. I found my emerald surfboard after 30 years / did my knee in surfing at wanda beach / couldnt stand up any more / what are these old thing worth will sell if god price / or just keep it for old age memories

  4. Hi,
    Send some pics to damion@boardcollector.com and I'll make you an offer.

  5. We live in Wales, UK, but lived in Caringbah near Cronulla for a year 2012/2013, and my son brought me home a board he found during a council clearout- it was an 'emerald' board, I suspect a kneeboard, as is about 5'6'' long, very very wide, and has 3 fin boxes- I have repaired probably 8/9 small dings and put some fins on- and its now ready for use- love the board - probably wont use it!! stand-up surfer!!!