I haven’t been able to get my hands on any original early 80’s Stussy twin fins but I have been able to secure a couple of nice simple pieces by the master. Like his iconic signature his board shapes carry their own unique hand writing. He glassed in ‘fresh foils by Stussy’ on this 6’8” semi gun for good reason. Obviously a reference the foil in the boards shape it also feels long and thin and delicate like an olympic fencers fighting foil, especially through the nose.

This unique twinzer design has been kindly shared with us by a reader and exhibits some unique design features through the tail that I would be very keen to get into the water.

Lastly we have this sweet little well used 5’11” thruster.
Like a pair of Nike Dunks it’s a classic piece of late 80’s pop culture.


  1. Aloha bra, I have a mid 80's studdy stick that is hand painted by Sean. these boards ride better than they look too. Mahalo

  2. Aloha bra good to know you are digging sStussy's work. I have a mid 80's board that I bought from ET surfboards back then and rode it for a long period of time. it is hand painted by Sean and it is a squash tri fin. the colors are yellow and green fade down he deck with blue icons and the laminates are the real deal not the white boards he had other shapers do for him to meet the demand for his products. Now what do t=you think the stick is worth? I had Rob Havassy price it out at 2500.00 plus to even push five grand. have a good one and ride em cuz they ride even better than they look. Mahalo, Mac

  3. Great Blog,
    I share the same surfing history as you but I started in Florida around '79. I had a few Stussy's including one excactly like the Twinzer .I left it in Fiji with a young ripper named Wonga , He loved that board and I am sure he rode it to oblivion.Thanks< Adam