Star Fin System

One of the most frustrating aspects of collecting early 80's twin fins is trying to find original Star Fin fins for twin fins. This system was particularly popular in the US. I have found 2 solutions recently. The first is a plastic fin box converter made by FCS for long board center fin boxes. These work well in the Star Fin fin boxes and take the FCS Mark Richards template fins beautifully. The second solution is a guy in Florida who is making fantastic replicas. Who can contact him via the Bruce Jones surf surf in Seal Beach California.


  1. I know very well of this problem. Check out my blog for pictures of the replica fins that I made.

  2. Just said I'd post here. Recently picked up an old twinnie surfboard from the late 70's. Took it to my local shaper but we couldn't find replacement fins as the ones on it didn't match. The guy fixed up the fin boxes and put in fcs screws into original box to make the fins a bit more secure and made me a set of brand spanking new fins. Couldn't believe it when he showed me. The guy made his first board in the late 70's so he's got alot of experience Dunno if this is a help to people or if Ian fancies getting orders for new fins but I'm in Ireland and the shapers name is Ian Johnson of cequential surfboards in Co. Clare

  3. Ah yes,twinny with boxes,catch a wave nup im goin to adjust em,what great memories here,Benny Hill was filming at Collaroy and my board was acting like him.ive still got my blue ones but no board to put em in! PS,take it easy on those fcs twins as they snap to easy,i snapped one while waxing,mind twas chilly morn.

    1. Hi,
      Do you still have those fins?

  4. does anybody know where I can purchase some star system fin screws.

  5. i have the whole enchilada,6'-0'' MR red with yellow see through boxed fins ..first 1500 takes all,been wall hanging for last 25 years